Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Arduino releases the new Arduino Due

The Arduino should be by far one of the most popular chips for creating home projects. And this is surely will be received with considerable enthusiasm, The launch of the Arduino Due, the new and revamped version of the platform of choice for amateur electronics enthusiasts.
According to the press release, the Arduino Due will provide students with "an opportunity to learn how a processor ARM works" more cheaply and more easily than ever. Its retail price will be $ 49, and will begin shipping today.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Security - 100 major universities were hacked

The collective known as GhostShell has claimed an outbreak on servers in 100 major universities worldwide among those obtaining Harvard, Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania and Michigan. A breach confirmed by many of the centers.

The hacker group hung on pastebin about 120,000 records from violated servers. A harmless  attack, according to the group the idea is to warn about the deficiencies in universityes worldwide.

A small portion of the published data showing what appear to be names, phone numbers, email addresses, logins credentials and other data from some of the servers. It appears that in some cases the security violation included multiple servers from the same university.