Sunday, June 24, 2012

Louisiana requires sex offenders to indicate in their social profiles that they are sex offenders.

In the U.S., some of the states have passed laws that force people who have been convicted for sexual offenses to report this fact to its neighbors and, therefore, if they move from home, are obliged to inform schools area and the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Today for example, there's an online database to locate sex offenders (with photos, home address, etc). The State of Louisiana has decided to take this practice a little further in its efforts to combat sexual crime, especially through the Internet and has developed a law which will force sex offenders toreport this fact in their profiles in the social networks.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Turing Test for Humans - it's easier to get classified as a gay than a christian

Can machines think? To avoid defining terms or machine thinking, Alan Turing decide to create his famous test. If a human judge can not distinguish between a machine and another human, the machine thinks. This test is called the Imitation Game.
Over time, the Turing Test has proved a powerful tool. While it is true that surpasses any machine now in a verbal environment without restrictions, more and more machines that exceed specific tasks such as playing chess.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 idiots - The best University movie, when Bollywood beats Hollywood.

"There was an old guard in our village. In his nightly rounds cried all is well. And we all slept quietly, then, there was a robbery.And we discovered that he could not see at night! Just screaming, all is well, and we felt safe. That day I realized that the heart is easily manipulated. You have to trick you. However great the problem is, tell your heart: 'Everything's fine. "
Rancho, star of the film.

In India, suicides increased 26% from 2006 to 2010, recorded 15 per hour and last year came to 135 thousand, of which Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai are the most affected cities. But these are only official figures, and therefore presumably there are many more. In fact, due to the large proportion of India's population, it is estimated that 20% of suicides occur within the world of this country. And a significant portion of the suicidal population are students.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SXDF-NB1006-2 - the oldest galaxy

Through the Subaru and Keck telescopes, a team of Japanese researchers announced what appears to be the most oldest galaxy found to date. Called SXDF-NB1006-2, we are talking about a distance of 12,910 million light years from Earth.

For if the results are true, this galaxy exceed those found in 2011 by the Subaru telescope, the GN-108036, which had so far as the farthest.

Monday, June 11, 2012

AntWeb Project - a new approach to ants

A team of U.S. scientists has begun AntWeb project, a project that captures detailed 3D images of all ant species knownto science.

This could not have started visiting museums around the world to photograph each specimen in the collections. All this through a technique for the first time, will capture the detail microscopic anatomy of the  insects bodies.

The goal is to make an online catalog that provides a unique tool for the study of insects by scientists. It will allow anyone with network access to a detailed view of the diverse world of ants.