Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scientists regenerates some optic nerves in mices

An awesome archivement when you consider that involved mice with severe optic nerve damage recovers some of the depth perception, the ability to detect motion and perceive light. An important step towards the recovery ofvisual function in blind patients.

The clearest result is that the animals were allowed to synchronize their sleep cycles. A successful outcome of Neurobiology Hospital in Boston.

According to the researchers, the finding could lead to patients blinded by optic nerve damage by trauma or glaucoma may be able to recover some of the visual function.

And is that previous studies have shown that optic nerve fibers might be able to regenerate. The new find shows that these fibers can grow enough to get from the eye to the brain so that neurons are connected to, allowing the visual circuit back to form.

According to the researchers:

    " It has been established for the first time evidence that the damaged optic nerve can regenerate and reach the lost function. A breakthrough to reverse vision loss in glaucoma and other neurodegenerative diseases.

     16 years ago people said it was impossible to obtain feedback on the optic nerve. Our study has not only regenerated a small percentage of the total number of fibers that normally enter the brain, but responds to questions that have been unknown in the field."

Still, scientists say that the vision of mice recovered by surgery was limited, not reaching the ability to detect objects. They should now focus on adapting the finding in an effective treatment for human patients.


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