Thursday, May 10, 2012

FYX - first ISP that skips the geographical block

The new provider goes under the name of FYX, a new service on the network with which New Zealand becomes the first country to give itssubscribers access to all the digital space including geo-blocking of each country to restricted content as the case of Netflix.

The ISP allows New Zealanders to overcome geographical restrictions, according to Justin Graham, a specialist in intellectual property rights in the country:

     It offers a new perspective on the laws in New Zealand. There will be an increased activity in these spaces. It is also consistent with New Zealand's policy on intellectual property and geographical restrictions, as these are not favorable to the consumer and it should be able to access copyrighted content in a competitive and profitable way.

The new service provides this "unlimited" access through the "Global Mode", a system that bypasses the restrictions on network services in certain geographic areas.
FYX was launched on May 4 as derived from the ISP Maxnet  and its slogan is clear. A tantalizing promise where users have free access to payment services in other countries like the U.S. where Netflix and Hulu are leaders in online paid content.


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