Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 idiots - The best University movie, when Bollywood beats Hollywood.

"There was an old guard in our village. In his nightly rounds cried all is well. And we all slept quietly, then, there was a robbery.And we discovered that he could not see at night! Just screaming, all is well, and we felt safe. That day I realized that the heart is easily manipulated. You have to trick you. However great the problem is, tell your heart: 'Everything's fine. "
Rancho, star of the film.

In India, suicides increased 26% from 2006 to 2010, recorded 15 per hour and last year came to 135 thousand, of which Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai are the most affected cities. But these are only official figures, and therefore presumably there are many more. In fact, due to the large proportion of India's population, it is estimated that 20% of suicides occur within the world of this country. And a significant portion of the suicidal population are students.
The main causes are the great social pressure existing in terms of success, family demands and the same Indian education system that is strongly committed to competitiveness, with promotions and punishments, and a rigorous filter towards the labor market. Although the caste system was abolished long ago, it remains rooted in various regions of the country, and still works as a determinant of social rigidity, inequality and appalling trend of stigmatization.
The issue of student suicide is central to the film 3 idiots. The action takes place in a prestigious engineering school

But it is also the story of an unbreakable friendship, is a cry of revolt to the system, is a song to enjoy life.

Rancho is a being of light itself, which rejects the prejudices and formalities that global education has been touted for centuries. For him, life is to enjoy what one does, to the fullest and without regrets.
Usually makes fools of teachers and even the director of the University, always giving a crash course in life.
Not good pigeonhole this film ... is a comedy, very funny, but also a drama, the hardest, is a musical, a pure pace, and much more.

It may not be a product round, small and at times childish and simplistic, but 3 Idiots is a manual on how to live (or at least as a try). With characters that are in the heart:
Chatur Ramalingam (or silencer), a character too much ambitious and flattering of the authorities as they come, filled with humor, superb screen.
Or the University director Viru Sahastrabuddhe (Virus), charming and evil in every second of tape.
As a good product for those lares, musicals are essential. For those familiar with Indian cinema imagine the style of the clips as colorful as trapping, and for those who do not, I invite you to know.

No claim seriously, do not require formality, or wish to correct a student manual.
With all the sins of a comedy of Saturday afternoon, but with all the virtues of an honest and direct product, is only weak point, the attempt to be excessive pamphlet, to teach lessons to spray and pray, a situation that just does not enough to overshadow this beautiful parable.
3 Idiots does not gain in complexity or virtuosity, but doing so in heart and soul, that land where each smile, each joy, is essential.
Once culminates nearly three hours, you feel the need and why not ... the commitment to be happy.

In some parts of the argument seems too stiff, but the overall flavor of the film is that it is very well measured and that sends a great message and philosophy of life.
Has to be seen without a doubt.


  1. Looks cool, thanks for the tip!

  2. Anonymous10.6.12

    i saw this; it was sooo much better than i thought it would be