Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sony releases new firmware for PS Vita ... withdrawing it from circulation minutes after

During the day the new firmware appeared on PlayStation Vita. Version 1.65 includes minor enhancements and minor changes ... but eventually caused several problems and bugs from users who reached a download.

Among other problems users reported the inability to connect the PS3 and the Vita, a fact which was subsequently confirmed. Sony pulled the firmware of movement giving the following statement:

"The system update 1.65 for PS Vita has been removed temporarily due to technical problems. Users who managed to download the firmware, continue as normal. We will inform you once the new update becomes available again. "

So this is official: if you download it, keep calm and wait for the corrected version of the firmware that will be released tomorrow. With problems like thisDLC policies and others, they hope that in future we have a blind trust in the digital distribution on consoles that require permanent Internet connection?. Better not say nothing more.


  1. Anonymous3.5.12

    jesus sony keeps scoring like torres