Monday, April 23, 2012

Prototype - Quadrotor of massive destruction!

We have seen quadrotors doing practically everything from formation flying, control via smartphone or even scheduled flights that can interpret the theme of James Bond. The latest a quadricopter equipped with a powerful gun.

The video has been released by FPS Russia, or whatever it is, the work of Dimitri, a young Russian has become quite popular in the network with a lot of videos where he test all kind of weapons.

In this case the video casts doubt on the veracity of it. Dimitri had previously tested individual tools for getting a gun that left them in exchange for advertising.

The idea of ​​quadricopters of warfare is not new or anything, but the images, whether or not a fake, just think about the near future that awaits the development of drones for warfare.

I leave you with some of the above "evidence" of Dmitri Young. How he states: "Do not try this at home! I'm a professional Russian ..."


  1. Anonymous25.4.12

    Okay, I understand how this guy gets full auto weapons and ordnance. There's paperwork and licensing for all that that I'm aware of.

    But this... o_O

  2. Dear Annon, he is a professional Russian.