Monday, April 23, 2012

Philips launches an energy efficient light bulb that lasts 20 years

And even more as confirmed by the brand if we use it a certain number of hours a day. The bulb, an effort of more than 1 year from the company, was the winner of the contest of 2011 Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize and is available in the U.S. market.

they chose the earth day for the final release into the market. A low-power LED bulb with a life of 20 years at a price of $ 60 but can be had for just over $ 20 with discounts.

Not only that, Philips says that right now trying to reduce their production costs to reach a final price for sale of not more than $ 30.

According to Ed Crawford, Philips CEO in the U.S.:

     Since the new lamp is up to 83% more efficient than the traditional 60 W light bulb, consumers can now make additional savings.

In addition, tests conducted by Philips bulb give a lifetime of 27 years if you have a three-hour daily use. A job that led him to win the Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize competition fostered by the US Department of Energy.

The idea was to challenge companies to develop a design that got a warm light similar to incandescent bulbs being 
Philips the more efficient in the energy use. Finally was the only company that participated in a design that took more than 18 months of test before becoming official.

source: BBCNews.


  1. 20 years? that's almost as long as i've been alive! technology is getting crazy! awesome post followed!