Friday, April 27, 2012

MIT - New anti-fog and glare-free high technology glass

What we see in the video is the announcement of a new type of nano crystal structure, a glass with revolutionary features where water bounces and there is no dirt. According to MIT, the glass is anti dust,  anti-fog and have a new glare-free technology with clear implications for future devices.And is that so far one of the most recognizable features of the crystal is how the light is reflected. With the new glass surface and form to create textures that virtually eliminate reflections, an area that would make the water droplets bouncing like small rubber balls.

A glass that researchers will put the label of "multifunctional" and is based on superficial nano textures, this  produces a series of conical features, it's always clean and resists fog and glare.As I said at the beginning, a crystal whose implications for the future and to carry out a process for manufacturing with low cost, could be applied to optical devices, smartphone screens, televisions, solar panels, car windows or even buildings.According account Kyoo-Chul Park, one of the researchers:

Photovoltaic panels can lose up to 40% of its efficiency in six months in the form of dust and dirt that accumulates on the surface. However, this solar panel will be protected with its own system of self-cleaning windows so it would end these problems.

Furthermore, the panel would be more effective because more light is transmitted through its surface rather than being reflected, especially when the sun rays are inclined at an acute angle with the panel. This new anti-reflective surface finishes the problems.Not only that, the new multifunctional surface created by the MIT is able to repel water and keep the panels "clean" reflection losses.To give us an idea, the video was filmed with a Phantom high speed camera testing the capabilities of the structure with water. The result is that every drop on the surface eventually becomes a spherical ball that bounces. A new structure whose implications for the future are unimaginable.


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