Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Harrison Ford plays as Han Solo in Star Wars Kinect

Much has been said about Star Wars Kinect before launch and the fans have concluded it's terrible. But ... not all would be lost in the imperial domains, as Harrison Ford could try and play the game like Han Solo dancing, of course, if he had the vitality of 30 years ago  to move that way.

All this is merelt assumption,with the magic of video editing they achieved the gaming experience of grumpy Mr. Ford playing "Uncharted 3" replacing hes sequence for Kinect Star Wars.

Either way it's funny to see the Han Solo of almost 70 years playing and dancing with another couple through a virtual control knob. And the phrase "I love the realism of the characters in this situation. Quite enjoyed this game "would have been the quote that accompany KSW box and see Carrie Fisher or Mark Hamill doing the same. Although not a guarantee that is saved from the angry comments against.


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