Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hacker accused by photos of his girlfriend's breast

This is the story of Higinio O. Ochoa, a hacker that would have violated the security of the police from several sites in the United States, with different anonymously turns to sites that exposed the private information of agents of the security force. As a firm, he did not lose the opportunity to include this picture of a woman with generous curve holding a poster autographed by the hacker.

Ochoa is
30 years old Texan , suspected of belonging to a faction called CabinCr3w from the group Anonymous. He just took care to dispel any suspicion when he decided that each hacking include a picture of his girlfriend. According to the FBI this sensual photos includes EXIF information from the iPhone used for the photo, time, date, camera settings for capturing and positioning data.
 The FBI concluded that the photos used as an inscription on the sites of the attacks came from a house near Melbourne, Australia. Whit these data followed they quickly find the address and also Mr. Ochoa had his girlfriend on Facebook.

The hacker has been detained for several days, but now they can use this information in court cases to relate the events on the Texas American pages, plus a photo that is shared in the beginning of the post there are other pictures that would engage the same woman.

After his arrest, Ochoa left a message on Pastebin

Source: MailOnline.


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