Monday, April 2, 2012

Fukushima in search for a new energy

The Japanese Ministry of Education plans to develop an alternative energy which provides the Fukushima nuclear power planton contamination high alert for more than six months, which would be researching renewable energy sources from solar and ocean waves.

Because of the uncertain future of the nuclear plant on Fukushima Prefecture, the region is developing a renewable energy research.

One alternative that could be evaluated would be the solar cells now stores three times more energy than previous models.

Another option raised by the neighboring Iwate Prefecture, was to use ocean energy, as in Sanriku.

The peope of the region and around the country in September recalled six months after the disaster of the nuclear plant shattered after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and following tsunami of March 11.

The region was devastated with 20 thousand victims and continuous plant radiation leak caused an anti-nuclear human chain.

The closure of nuclear plants affected and contaminates the land, the forced evacuation for many months is costing large sums of money to Japan with the passing of the months this is increasing and affecting all citizens.


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