Monday, April 2, 2012

finalIy an interactive Japanese poster that kisses you

We have HD displays capable of showing every detail of a person with a high quality and a low pixel density. We have facial recognition systems can recognize you when you move. Years of development in both technology and we have come to something that's worth, a system to get pop stars kisses ... from a distance, of course. And if this technology comes from Japan.

The system is called Pochuter ( is a really good idea for a Forever Alone create what we might call "posters of the future." Systems that show your favorite star of the moment that is capable of move and even interact with you, if you want to kiss it it's another story.

The operation is very simple thanks to ultrasonic sensors to detect how far is your head on the screen, is capable of displaying a video or an image sequence as you approach and when you walk away.

And if we may see this ridiculous, but ask your nephew if he / she would not like something to kiss a pop star. And in a culture where celebrities, idols and pop stars are as important the Japaneses are always innovating.

source: Diginfo


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