Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Facebook buys Instagram

Facebook announced it has purchased Instagram in a transaction that is valued the Mobile social network by one billion dollars. The purchase was made ​​through a combination of cash and stock from Facebook.

Instagram is a social network of photographs that only works on iPhones and smartphones running Android. Instagram was born on October 6, 2010, initially focused on Startup to compete with Foursquare via a 
HTML5 platform it comes on what they are today after its founders realized that their user mainly used it just to sharing photos.

Instagram started a mini-revolution conniving 
photo vintage look and the social element that lets you share, comment and do "like" on the pictures of those you follow, but only and only through the mobile application. Just a few days ago announced Instagram for Android, greatly increasing the number of people using the service.

Instagram only has 552 days of age, Facebook is paying $ 1.8 million per day of the existence of this network. Considering that they have about 30 million users, the fee is $ 33 per user.

In the official blog of Instagram also announce the news, and comment that the purchase will only bigger, will help improve service and continue to grow the community. Let's hope so.


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