Friday, April 27, 2012

Eastern Egg - Google's Zerg Rush!

Just go to, write "zerg rush" and press Enter.

Google included a new "eastern egg" or trick hidden in its popular web browser where if you enter the terms mentioned above, shows an invasion of figures with the letter "O" that eat the results on the page. To combat them, you have to make click with the mouse a few times until they disappear.

"Zerg rush" is a term used in the strategy game Starcraft and Starcraft II, which describes the act of playing the Zerg race and generated during the first few minutes a small army of zerglings to attack the opponent and make a quick attack.

This strategy is well known in the environment, as some people think that attack the opponent when the game is still in development stages, is to play dirty. Thus, "zerg rush" is a term that has been known since the first version of Starcraft many years ago and now receives a small tribute by Google.

seen on CHW.


  1. Tons of memories! thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous29.4.12

    Hmm interesting, gonna try it now...

  3. Anonymous9.5.12

    Wow, thanks for that.