Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Download the entire Wikipedia till January 2012

The Wikimedia Foundation believes that Wikipedia has to be accessible to everyone with or without network connection, for installation by local schools or in case of a  zoombie  apocalypse and this has released a copy of Wikipedia for downloading in its entirety.

Available on a BitTorrent file of 9.7 GB the Open Encyclopedia comes on OpenZIM format and can be store and use wikis in offline mode.

The ideal software to read the edition of Wikipedia is Kiwix, which is available for Mac, Linux and Windows.

Have a copy of Wikipedia as well as useful, it also means the ability to download a piece of history created based on cooperation and for the only purpose of generating mutual benefit through free knowledge. Wikipedia is proof that culture and knowledge are a common good.

In addition, this download means an invaluable benefit for low-income schools in rural or disadvantaged areas where there are no resources or infrastructure to access the internet. 

We can all be dealers thanks to Free Encyclopedia P2P download, seeding, Share Wikipedia inside and outside the network.


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