Monday, April 2, 2012

Cobian Backup, forget about backups!

How are we going to make backups? ¿We set an alarm on our agenda? A sign on our calendar? If you are a very methodical person, a simple reminder might avail ourselves but if we are forgetful, it is best to automate this task and use an application.

There are many applications for backup and, in my case, one of the ones I like for Windows is Cobian Backup which allows precisely schedule backup routines on a regular basis, select the source folder , the destination location and frequency with we will make the copies.

And what is the ideal timing between backups? It's a good question and depends on the degree of modification. Personally, I think a week is the minimum that we should schedule whatever the type of backup that we will do. If, however, if we use our pc professionally we always have our daily backup, perhaps it might be interesting to think about a system in which incremental backups will be done Monday through Friday and perform incremental backups, for example, on Saturdays or Sunday we conduct a full copy (and for safety before we store always full copy).

you always miss your files and documents when you have lost it.


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