Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A black solar cell absorbing 99.7% of the light that receives

This cell is an achievement of Natcore Technology. The manufacturers claim that these panels could soon become the industry standard at the expense of anti-reflective cells that are used today. Another benefit is that, in addition to producing more energy, does better in the morning and evening, when the rays do not hit directly in the cell. Similarly, no difference between the energy received on clear days and cloudy days, because the scattered light is maximized.

In order to contextualize the achievement of Natcore, note that the minimum average reflection of a conventional cell is 4%, while the black silicon panel more advanced so far had a rate of 2%. Manufacturers started with a solar cell with an average of 8%, but after they take a special chemical treatment, they reduced this percentage to almost zero.

According to the Natcore Technology, already have potential buyers in China, Italy and India. While this represents a significant development for solar energy, there remains the problem of high prices. The future is green and in the case of solar cells, black.

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