Thursday, April 5, 2012

Atmel develops new sensor to develop larger touch screens

The Xsense sensor, allow manufacturers to develop tactile surfaces curved and larger than the current, two factors expected to have a very well received by manufacturers of consumer electronics devices.

     We are developing a new type of technology to build the mesh of a touch screen. The sensor is very flexible and allows the development of curved screens or scroll the screen to change the designs of smartphones and tablets

Xsense arrives with the aim of imposing a capacitive touch screens and to this end, have implemented this new sensor on a flexible film on which metal is deposited by ink jet printing, yes, conductive ink. With the introduction of flexible electronics, engineers have been able to "draw" the sensor on the flexible substrate by depositing conductive layers,choosing this manufacturing process, can make large "rolls" of sensors on a rather simple way.

Thanks to mass production, Atmel expects to introduce these sensors between dipositive manufacturers and according to his estimates, in the third quarter of this year could be some practical implementations materialized in large touch screens or mobile devices with screens of between 3 and 11 inches in size.


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