Sunday, April 1, 2012

April's fools jokes

As is tradition, several technology-related companies posted jokes, almost all related to products ridiculous and unrealistic. Google tops the list with three different fake products.
The first is an 8-bit version of Google Maps, designed for use in the Nintendo NES. When looking for an address in Google Maps displayed the "Quest" on the map, and when you click on it the image take the look of old console games.
The second joke is Google "Gmail Tap", a system that allows you to write emails using morse code instead of the Qwerty keyboard, since "there are many keys" to fit on the phone display. The video is relatively serious until he starts talking about the possibility of writing two messages at once and the system will be useful for people with fat hands. The strangest thing is when you see the rapper and actor LL Cool J as an engineer at Google.
Another Google joke is "Multitask Chrome" a new way for Google's browser that supports two Mouse on a single computer to improve the ability to do two things at once or to share the use of computers.
Finally for google, the company introduced "Google Fiber", an energy bar able to determine what nutrients are missing in the body and deliver it specifically to the organs that need them (to go to the button "Get Google Fiber", the page displays a message saying it is a joke, but providing information on fiber optic networks projects from google.

On the other hand, the news site Mashable also published a joke. A note announcing that the site was bought by American comedian Conan O'Brien , and a note that shows a video of him claiming he have steal the new apple tv and shows the testing of it. For this reason, there is an image of Conan hair on the bottom of the site, when you press it Conan appears staring at you.

Finally, Virgin, company of entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson announced a new branch for your business: Virgin Volcanic, who will try to carry five people at the center of the Earth, entering through the crater of an active volcano that is not yet chosen. Branson was one of the passengers of the ship that looks like a drill press, accompanied by the actors Tom Hanks, Seth Green, the producer and the Black Eyed Peas member and documentarian Barbara Kopple.


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