Monday, April 2, 2012

Angry birds - the tv cartoon show and the movie

The Angry Birds will become a television show this fall. This was announced at the MIPTV in Cannes, Nick Dorra, lead animator of Rovio, the company who creates Angry Birds.

The animated series will be weekly,with 52 chapters of three minutes each. the film will wait until 2014.
According Dorra, the aim is that the series is visible on any screen, from the mobile to the film. Just  lefts the exhibitor partners, but for now they are making deals with TV makers like Samsung. Last year the company bought Rovio Kombo animation.

Dorra explained that the future of angry birds will be less and less tied to the game and the animation of the small screen, less shooting and more to develop the personality and character of each bird. Dorra recalled that the American viewers spends between 150 and 160 hours a month watching television. "And this is just the beginning." "The television networks," he added, "can learn the strategy of Rovio and launch their products (like Angry Birds) worldwide and in the same day.


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