Saturday, April 14, 2012

AMC - A new series from the creator of "The walking dead"

 Robert Kirkman and AMC owners live their love story, the creator of the comic The Walking Dead and the U.S. network who adapted the comic to the small screen should be more than happy with the result of that collaboration. Kirkman has become flesh and blood his black and white universe, for its part, the AMC has in hand all a ratings success. Everything is perfect and that's not surprising that Kirkman is preparing a television adaptation of his Thief of Thieves for the AMC.

Robert Kirkman is experiencing a sweet professional and enthusiastic about this new project.

    "Like The Walking Dead, which has moved to television, so unique and revolutionary, that is the horror genre, Thief of Thieves can, I think, mark time, exploring, through complex stories, the humanity of any character , including a criminal"

The author of The Walking Dead is full of praise for the string:

    "AMC knows no limit to recognize the ideas generated by the comics industry. His dedication to the time of making The Walking Dead in a television series has been the key to success and I am excited about the potential Thief of Thieves to achieve these levels of success"

Thief of Thieves will be produced by its creator and David Alpert and Charles Eglee, producers also in The Walking Dead, although it will handle Eglee who lead the project. Kirkman is more than happy to return to work with Eglee:

    "The commitment we made to make The Walking Dead a television series was the key to its success (...) Working with AMC was incredibly positive experience and I look forward to continue this adventure and strengthen our cooperation, not to mention the fact that I'm dying to return to work with Eglee since the end of the first season of The Walking Dead"

Thief of Thieves began publication earlier this year. The comic centers on Conrad Paulson a thief known as Redmond seeks reconciliation with his wife and child but is unable to resist the impulses to steal. In order to appease the need he begins to steal from other thieves, making it the thief of thieves.


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