Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amazing Discovery - A new specie of amphibian was found on India.

A team of scientists from the UK and India have confirmed what appears to be a new specie of limbless amphibians. The animal was found by accident in the Western Ghats in the state of Kerala in southern India.

Some specimens which according to the researchers were found in moist soil after digging over a stream of a mountain.

The characteristics of this new creature would be a length of 168 mm. and pink color, but the most intriguing would be the group to which they belong and which do not have limbs as caecilians.

According to Ramachandran told Kotharambath, author of the finding:

     The animal was identified as a new species after extensive comparisons with other similar examples of this group of amphibians.

The finding was made possible through research collaboration between the Department of Zoology from the University of Kerala and the Natural History Museum in London and has been reported in the latest edition of the journal Zootaxa.

From here the following studies will aim to find their history and habitat of these species to be determined but may indicate that groups such as caecilians have a great diversity in the area. According Kotharambath:

     The discovery in the plantation states that these elusive animals are very vulnerable to anthropogenic activities and are living in silence just below our feet. This new species does not face an immediate threat, if their environment and habitat structure is maintained.

A finding that as the same researchers suggest, means that knowledge of amphibians is still incomplete and needs further study.


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