Saturday, March 31, 2012

Iomoio - Almost free legal music download

One of the main excuses of people when it comes to downloading music without paying is that the prices are very high, which is partly true but download copyrighted songs is't legally and morally right. And while today can get all the disks in the world without paying a penny, there are many people that likes to be legal and buy for the content that artist created for you.

Iomoio is a site that allows you to download music legally at very affordable prices, and it's really very accessible. For example, you can download a full album for only $ 2 US, purchase songs or singles for only $ 16 cents, all in a legal way that pays the work done by the authors.

Entering the site there are several ways to find music to download, either using the search engine to locate timely music by artist or song name, browsing the top 10 by country, where you can find music of Unique States, UK and Canada . They can also find music by new albums section (which is updated regularly with new content), browsing the soundtrack section, and finally there are some style "coming soon", where you can see the music that's going to be released soon.

Obviously as in any music store you can hear the songs before purchase to decide whether or not buy it, the preview system shows you 3 or 4 pieces of the song, forwarding it automatically so you can have an idea of the entire song without ear it completely. In order to start buying music will have to create a free account, with which given two free songs to download, then you have to start paying for all the downloads.

All purchased music can use it as they like, the can be burned to disc, copy it to the iPhone or MP3 player, or whatever you want to do, has no restrictions.


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