Saturday, March 31, 2012

56 days in jail for drunk tweet trolling

A 21 years old student from the UK has been sentenced to 56 days in jail for publishing offensive and racist comments on Twitter about a football player called Fabrice Muamba.

The comments came after the player falls in the middle of a football game and all the stadium feared for his life.Social networks have become a tool to follow the news and check the general opinion of users. 

To disasters and accidents leading, Internet usually present with signs of support for victims and affected. In some cases the comments are positive and others seem to be overcome the law.United Kingdom has decided to take action against a student, identified as Liam Stacey, after complaints from registered users and individuals for their comments on Twitter. The Tweet took place after the player Fabrice Muamba lost consciousness during the match between his team, Bolton, with Tottenham.

The player lay on the floor and care services was needed to keep alive the footballer. However, the seriousness of the situation made him fear for the life of Muamba, who was entered to recover. 

The match was stopped at minute 41 of the first half and at the same time the social network users expressed support for Muamba and the family of football. As usual, Twitter was one of the networks where more activity related to the subject.Although most comments were positive, a user identified as Stacey held Liam's celebrates the accident of Muamba and published several comments considered racist and offensive. Among other words, the young Brit wrote: "LOL. Fuck Muamba. he's Dead." At a time when a large number of users was showing its support for the players, Stacey's words were soon criticized and several some users decided to sue the student.

To complaints, the police proceeded to the identification of young and according to The Guardian, was presented a formal complaint against Liam Stacey. Justice of the United Kingdom has understood that the words of British student had racist overtones and therefore has processed the young. As a defense, Liam Stacey has said that he was drunk when he published the tweet, but despite this, the British court has considered that it should impose a sentence.

As a result, Liam Stacey has been sentenced to 56 days in jail for publishing messages against Muamba on Twitter. The young man finally admitted the charges and will have to serve the sentence imposed by the court.


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