Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Arduino releases the new Arduino Due

The Arduino should be by far one of the most popular chips for creating home projects. And this is surely will be received with considerable enthusiasm, The launch of the Arduino Due, the new and revamped version of the platform of choice for amateur electronics enthusiasts.
According to the press release, the Arduino Due will provide students with "an opportunity to learn how a processor ARM works" more cheaply and more easily than ever. Its retail price will be $ 49, and will begin shipping today.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Security - 100 major universities were hacked

The collective known as GhostShell has claimed an outbreak on servers in 100 major universities worldwide among those obtaining Harvard, Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania and Michigan. A breach confirmed by many of the centers.

The hacker group hung on pastebin about 120,000 records from violated servers. A harmless  attack, according to the group the idea is to warn about the deficiencies in universityes worldwide.

A small portion of the published data showing what appear to be names, phone numbers, email addresses, logins credentials and other data from some of the servers. It appears that in some cases the security violation included multiple servers from the same university.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

the shortest laser pulse archived to date!

The laser, which first implementation dates from 1960, is present in the industry (welding, precision cuts, etc.), healt (eye operations) or telecommunications (thanks to the optical fiber or even outdoors) and indeed are still the basis of much research from multiple disciplines and areas of expertise. If we mentioned a few weeks ago that the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the United States had established a record with the most potent laser (with 500 trillion watts), a research team from the University of Central Florida has published an article in which they describe a rather unique discovery: the shortest laser pulse achieved to date, only 67 attosecond pulse.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wire worm - The new MIT robot!

A group of researchers from Harvard, MIT and Seoul National University are working on creating a robot that moves like a worm. The project aims to create an autonomous robot using soft and flexible materials. DARPA, the research arm and technological development of U.S. State Department, is responsible behind the financing. The idea is that this worm is able to move through rough terrain and achieve access into difficult areas such as cracks or crevices.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Curiosity Safely on Mars!

It was 5:31 GMT when he came the first sign of Curiosity robot from Mars. After the now famous seven minutes of terror on the descent to the Red Planet, NASA managed to put a robot again in the mysterious planet. A historic mission that already has the first pictures and try to find out if there ever was life as we know it on Earth.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Self Repair - the new Graphene capability.

Graphene is a material whit surprising strength and high conductivity posit as the material that will mark a new era in the field of microelectronics and integrated circuit development. This carbon allotropy formed by carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal tessellation species (linked together by a covalent bond) begins to be used in the manufacture of silicon transistors as an adjunct to overcome the instability of this, however, even the candidate to replace silicon are still many details to discover. Within the work of characterization of this material, a team from the University of Manchester has found a rather surprising finding, the material can self-repair itself.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Louisiana requires sex offenders to indicate in their social profiles that they are sex offenders.

In the U.S., some of the states have passed laws that force people who have been convicted for sexual offenses to report this fact to its neighbors and, therefore, if they move from home, are obliged to inform schools area and the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Today for example, there's an online database to locate sex offenders (with photos, home address, etc). The State of Louisiana has decided to take this practice a little further in its efforts to combat sexual crime, especially through the Internet and has developed a law which will force sex offenders toreport this fact in their profiles in the social networks.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Turing Test for Humans - it's easier to get classified as a gay than a christian

Can machines think? To avoid defining terms or machine thinking, Alan Turing decide to create his famous test. If a human judge can not distinguish between a machine and another human, the machine thinks. This test is called the Imitation Game.
Over time, the Turing Test has proved a powerful tool. While it is true that surpasses any machine now in a verbal environment without restrictions, more and more machines that exceed specific tasks such as playing chess.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 idiots - The best University movie, when Bollywood beats Hollywood.

"There was an old guard in our village. In his nightly rounds cried all is well. And we all slept quietly, then, there was a robbery.And we discovered that he could not see at night! Just screaming, all is well, and we felt safe. That day I realized that the heart is easily manipulated. You have to trick you. However great the problem is, tell your heart: 'Everything's fine. "
Rancho, star of the film.

In India, suicides increased 26% from 2006 to 2010, recorded 15 per hour and last year came to 135 thousand, of which Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai are the most affected cities. But these are only official figures, and therefore presumably there are many more. In fact, due to the large proportion of India's population, it is estimated that 20% of suicides occur within the world of this country. And a significant portion of the suicidal population are students.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SXDF-NB1006-2 - the oldest galaxy

Through the Subaru and Keck telescopes, a team of Japanese researchers announced what appears to be the most oldest galaxy found to date. Called SXDF-NB1006-2, we are talking about a distance of 12,910 million light years from Earth.

For if the results are true, this galaxy exceed those found in 2011 by the Subaru telescope, the GN-108036, which had so far as the farthest.

Monday, June 11, 2012

AntWeb Project - a new approach to ants

A team of U.S. scientists has begun AntWeb project, a project that captures detailed 3D images of all ant species knownto science.

This could not have started visiting museums around the world to photograph each specimen in the collections. All this through a technique for the first time, will capture the detail microscopic anatomy of the  insects bodies.

The goal is to make an online catalog that provides a unique tool for the study of insects by scientists. It will allow anyone with network access to a detailed view of the diverse world of ants.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Germany breaks the record of solar energy: 50% of electricity demand in one day.

The solar power plants in the country established a new world record with 22 gigawattts of electricity per hour, the equivalent of 20 nuclear power plants at full capacity, between noon on Friday and Saturday of this past weekend. The achievement is also equivalent to 50% of the basic needs of demand in the country in one day.

This news follows the decision to abandon nuclear energy  in the country after the disaster in Fukushima last year. Have been closed eight plants and the nine remaining actives are expected to close by 2022 .

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scientists regenerates some optic nerves in mices

An awesome archivement when you consider that involved mice with severe optic nerve damage recovers some of the depth perception, the ability to detect motion and perceive light. An important step towards the recovery ofvisual function in blind patients.

The clearest result is that the animals were allowed to synchronize their sleep cycles. A successful outcome of Neurobiology Hospital in Boston.

Monday, May 21, 2012

What is a webhosting? - Video.

There are many things that ordinary people can not understand. And do not blame them, they have to know. One of those things is the question many customers ask when buying a website: What is this about hosting? For us is very simple, but explaining it to someone else often can not be achieved with susses.

But the solution has arrived, the video in this post shows a very simple way what the concept means, making the comparison of different types of Web Hosting with apartments or houses.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

ZeroN from MIT - forget your old mouse.

On more than one occasion we have addressed the issue of user interfaces of the future, something we are working on multiple research centers and technology foresight. Holograms, touch systems and augmented reality systems are some of the technologies we have seen in projects like Holoflector materialize, Vermeer Microsoft Research or Project Glass of Google. In the Tangible Media Group at MIT Media Lab are working on a project called Zeron, impressive with which they are developing a new way to see the man-machine interface interaction that allows us to touch and handle real objects "airborne" to control systems information or simulations, the "tangible interfaces".

Monday, May 14, 2012

Rumor - finally, a outstanding MacBook Pro

Rumors of Apple devices are always on the agenda, and some are so striking that we can not let them pass. The latest speculation circulating on the web mention a new MacBook Pro model that promises to overcome what so far has been on the market.

A report by 9to5Mac says that this summer Apple will introduce a new 15-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina display screen, Intel Ivy Bridge and ultra-thin design. Aesthetics would be basically the same as the current model but the case would be much thinner.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

FYX - first ISP that skips the geographical block

The new provider goes under the name of FYX, a new service on the network with which New Zealand becomes the first country to give itssubscribers access to all the digital space including geo-blocking of each country to restricted content as the case of Netflix.

Carmageddon could rise again trough a kickstarter campaign

With Carmageddon: Reincarnation as the new title in the series and with an estimated budget of $ 400,000, they expected to raise through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign which was opened just two days ago and in which 4,677 people have participated contributing $ 162,993. Why rely on crowdfunding to develop a game that traditionally has been so successful? The answer is simple: independecy.

Robopocalypse - How To Survive A Robot Uprising

We know that vampires, werewolves, zombies and other creatures are just myths. But have you thought about what will happen when the robots try to kill us? Well, when that date arrives we can go prepared. And as a first step inform our loved ones with the teachings of the following video:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Study - Psychopaths have a different brain structure.

Are there differences between the mindset of a murderer and a seemingly normal person? Although the obvious answer is yes, so far no evidence had been made as clear as those obtained in the latter study at KingCollege in the UK. The study indicates that psychopaths have a very different brain structure to the rest of us.

To this end the researchers scanned the brains of men convicted for murder, rape and violence even finding differences that separated them from other violent criminals to those with antisocial personality disorder.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Croppola - Cut your images based on their composition

Croppola is a very useful tool that allows us to cut our online images intelligently based on their composition.

The usage is very simple, just have to upload the image you want to cut and the tool will suggest where to crop the photo based on its artificial intelligence algorithm. Obviously if you want you can change this selection prior to suit our needs, but the results are very interesting.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Top 50 best connected cities on Internet speed - no U.S. cities on.

While United States is the Internet father and one could imagine that U.S. have the best connection speeds, we are wrong. According to a report of Akamai, countries with better Internet connections are South Korea, Japan and Sweden, which account for the top 50 with the best connected cities in the world.

As we can see in the following table, South Korea leads with the best internet connections in the world in an average of 21.8 Mbps in the city of Taegu, followed by Japan with 14.4 Mbps in the city of Shimotsuma, Sweden comes third with averages of 11.3 Mbps in the city of Umeå, and finally comes China with connections of 8.7 Mbps in Hong Kong.

Instagram - GIF infography of success

Instagram could be one of the most successful Internet companies in Internet recently. Just think about it: he began as a simple way to share pictures and many people began to use. Then more people began to use; millions more, in fact. And a nice clean interface combined with false nostalgia that allowed anyone to feel an art photographer.

If we add these ingredients to millions of pictures of food, iPhone users proud to be a product so unique for their platformI feel sorry for those who were angry when it came out for Android -viral and an unprecedented success, we have a company which, among other things worth $ 77 million per employee.
If you want more interesting, you can see in this brilliant hybrid of  infography and animated GIF

Go right - a tribute to all platform games

Platform games marked an era. You could say that even gripped a generation.

With a simple design, controls became almost instinctive (moving, jumping, running, or perhaps some action) and creativity, platform games became a constant in different consoles, including next generation consoles are still used . And there is something compelling, almost nostalgic in platform games, contain much in just two dimensions, that become epic.

That's why "Go right" - becomes a great tribute, which includes epic and classic games such as Megaman, Castelvania, Super Mario and others as modern as Joe Viewtifull or modern versions of these games.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sony VAIO T, the first official Sony ultrabook

Saying that this is the first official Sony ultrabook doesn't mean it is actually the "first". With Intel's push to create the brand ultrabook as thin and light notebooks, Sony also wanted to play this trick with a name that began to be recognized. Sony launches new VAIO T series, with the first model SVT1311M1E VAIO, laptop with 11" and 13" screens with a thickness of 18 mm.

Although I personally believe the Sony VAIO Z as the first ultrabook Sony official ste could be considered new laptop as their first "official".

Monday, April 30, 2012

Google wave officially dies

Interestingly, it took longer to die than the whole time he was active, but Google wave finally dies officially today. Since late January the Waves were read-only and now the service is closed permanently. Curious is that wave is one of the services that most interest have been raised in the history of Google (came to invitations to sell for $ 60 on eBay).

And inevitably also compared to Google Buzz, the attempt to create a microblogging service by Google and the recent Google +, the network that has probably made ​​her most serious and despite its relatively low adoption and the company refuses to let go. Google Wave had a handful of innovative ideas and interesting potential uses for all those who remain interested in using it the Apache Foundation took over its development and can be tested in Wave in a Box.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Eastern Egg - Google's Zerg Rush!

Just go to, write "zerg rush" and press Enter.

Google included a new "eastern egg" or trick hidden in its popular web browser where if you enter the terms mentioned above, shows an invasion of figures with the letter "O" that eat the results on the page. To combat them, you have to make click with the mouse a few times until they disappear.

MIT - New anti-fog and glare-free high technology glass

What we see in the video is the announcement of a new type of nano crystal structure, a glass with revolutionary features where water bounces and there is no dirt. According to MIT, the glass is anti dust,  anti-fog and have a new glare-free technology with clear implications for future devices.And is that so far one of the most recognizable features of the crystal is how the light is reflected. With the new glass surface and form to create textures that virtually eliminate reflections, an area that would make the water droplets bouncing like small rubber balls.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amazing Discovery - A new specie of amphibian was found on India.

A team of scientists from the UK and India have confirmed what appears to be a new specie of limbless amphibians. The animal was found by accident in the Western Ghats in the state of Kerala in southern India.

Some specimens which according to the researchers were found in moist soil after digging over a stream of a mountain.

Precise Pangolin - the new ubuntu!

The latest version of Ubuntu is now available for download : Precise Pangolin. All of you that have the above version can install this new through Update Manager.

The main changes come at Unity, Canonical wanted to polish and improve the face of overall system usability. Have also been completely removed the default Mono libraries and especially the inclusion of HUD, a tool that has its roots in the famous Quicksilver OS X or other application launchers

Monday, April 23, 2012

Philips launches an energy efficient light bulb that lasts 20 years

And even more as confirmed by the brand if we use it a certain number of hours a day. The bulb, an effort of more than 1 year from the company, was the winner of the contest of 2011 Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize and is available in the U.S. market.

they chose the earth day for the final release into the market. A low-power LED bulb with a life of 20 years at a price of $ 60 but can be had for just over $ 20 with discounts.

Not only that, Philips says that right now trying to reduce their production costs to reach a final price for sale of not more than $ 30.

Prototype - Quadrotor of massive destruction!

We have seen quadrotors doing practically everything from formation flying, control via smartphone or even scheduled flights that can interpret the theme of James Bond. The latest a quadricopter equipped with a powerful gun.

The video has been released by FPS Russia, or whatever it is, the work of Dimitri, a young Russian has become quite popular in the network with a lot of videos where he test all kind of weapons.

In this case the video casts doubt on the veracity of it. Dimitri had previously tested individual tools for getting a gun that left them in exchange for advertising.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Real Dr Who ultrasonic screwdriver.

Doctor Who is a science fiction series that holds the title of being the television show with longer duration in the genre world besides being one of the most popular series in the UK. The Doctor, the protagonist of the series, in addition to the ship TARDIS (with which he travels through time and space), has a tool called sonic  screwdriver which can, for example, open the lock of a door. A research team from the University of Dundee (UK) has been working on a device that holds a certain resemblance to the tool of the Doctor and is also based on the use of ultrasonic waves.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Marco Tempest: A magical tale (with augmented reality)

This is one of those videos that makes you think and learn, tells us how the magic is structured and speaks from a historical  and technological perspective, using an augmented reality machine in real-time in front of an audience.

Regenerate vision through photoreceptor transplant

Has been through the project carried out by scientists financed by the Medical Research Council and its consequences are the basis of a new treatment to restore vision in people with degenerative eye diseases. Scientists have shown for the first time the transplantation of light sensitive photoreceptors (nerve cells that line the back of the eye) in a mice and susses fully restore his vision.

To this end the researchers injected healthy and young 
 mice cells directly in the retinas of adult mice lacking of functional rod photoreceptors. The reason is that the loss of photoreceptors is the cause of blindness in many human eye diseases such as age-related degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa or diabetes-related blindness.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Moleman: the art of the algorithms

Moleman: the art of the algorithms, is a wonderful documentary devoted to a scene that emerged in the last century from the commercial introduction and massive computer Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum or Amiga, and 8-bit video games of the decade of the 80's: the demoscene.

     The demoscene is a computer art subculture that specializes in demos, which are audio-visual presentations and interactive real-time running on a computer. The purpose of a demo is to show musical skills, artistic and programming.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hacker accused by photos of his girlfriend's breast

This is the story of Higinio O. Ochoa, a hacker that would have violated the security of the police from several sites in the United States, with different anonymously turns to sites that exposed the private information of agents of the security force. As a firm, he did not lose the opportunity to include this picture of a woman with generous curve holding a poster autographed by the hacker.

Ochoa is
30 years old Texan , suspected of belonging to a faction called CabinCr3w from the group Anonymous. He just took care to dispel any suspicion when he decided that each hacking include a picture of his girlfriend. According to the FBI this sensual photos includes EXIF information from the iPhone used for the photo, time, date, camera settings for capturing and positioning data.

AMC - A new series from the creator of "The walking dead"

 Robert Kirkman and AMC owners live their love story, the creator of the comic The Walking Dead and the U.S. network who adapted the comic to the small screen should be more than happy with the result of that collaboration. Kirkman has become flesh and blood his black and white universe, for its part, the AMC has in hand all a ratings success. Everything is perfect and that's not surprising that Kirkman is preparing a television adaptation of his Thief of Thieves for the AMC.

Robert Kirkman is experiencing a sweet professional and enthusiastic about this new project.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Study - Afraid of technology.

This is an old study but is accurate even in our days.
people are afraid of unknown things and clearly, to overcome those fears we should approach and understand how things really are and find the benefits they bring. this ridiculous example shows how in England the people on the streets are still afraid of technology.

New and smooth earbud project from Apple

Interesting is that Apple has registered, about making technologies related to earphones delivered on mobile devices like the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The idea is to use a "unibody" 
process  also called in one body, the same system that takes several years for the MacBook line of computers from the company, being taken now on a much smaller and simpler way.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Microsoft leak - Office 15 will be released in November

(Click to display)

(Click to display)
First, and reviewing the images that leaked on Twitter and have been confirmed as real by close sources, we realize that the upcoming version of Office 15 office suite in RTM version or "ready to make" will be in November and will definitely be available to the public in early 2013.

On the other hand, Internet Explorer 10 has an approximate date of release for half of this year, perhaps coinciding with the arrival of the final RTM of Windows 8.

Transformer DJ Bicycle

When we say in more than one occasion that "in Japan today is tomorrow" we are not wrong. These slant-eyed boys are overcome innovate on everyday objects and always take a step up.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A black solar cell absorbing 99.7% of the light that receives

This cell is an achievement of Natcore Technology. The manufacturers claim that these panels could soon become the industry standard at the expense of anti-reflective cells that are used today. Another benefit is that, in addition to producing more energy, does better in the morning and evening, when the rays do not hit directly in the cell. Similarly, no difference between the energy received on clear days and cloudy days, because the scattered light is maximized.

In order to contextualize the achievement of Natcore, note that the minimum average reflection of a conventional cell is 4%, while the black silicon panel more advanced so far had a rate of 2%. Manufacturers started with a solar cell with an average of 8%, but after they take a special chemical treatment, they reduced this percentage to almost zero.

According to the Natcore Technology, already have potential buyers in China, Italy and India. While this represents a significant development for solar energy, there remains the problem of high prices. The future is green and in the case of solar cells, black.

read more on ABCNews.

Download the entire Wikipedia till January 2012

The Wikimedia Foundation believes that Wikipedia has to be accessible to everyone with or without network connection, for installation by local schools or in case of a  zoombie  apocalypse and this has released a copy of Wikipedia for downloading in its entirety.

Available on a BitTorrent file of 9.7 GB the Open Encyclopedia comes on OpenZIM format and can be store and use wikis in offline mode.

The ideal software to read the edition of Wikipedia is Kiwix, which is available for Mac, Linux and Windows.

Have a copy of Wikipedia as well as useful, it also means the ability to download a piece of history created based on cooperation and for the only purpose of generating mutual benefit through free knowledge. Wikipedia is proof that culture and knowledge are a common good.

In addition, this download means an invaluable benefit for low-income schools in rural or disadvantaged areas where there are no resources or infrastructure to access the internet. 

We can all be dealers thanks to Free Encyclopedia P2P download, seeding, Share Wikipedia inside and outside the network.

PHP Snips - some PHP tricks

Those who have programming with PHP will find the next page as fundamental and wonderful, because not only can save valuable minutes of your time, but also ensure best practices for PHP snippets that they offer. They range is from a simple time redirection to rare mixtures like transform JPEGs to ASCII code.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - Life hack pro tip! is a site that allows us to calculate, based on sleep cycles, the best time to go to sleep and wake up as fresh as possible.

According to studies, there is evidence that the number of sleep hours does not make a good rest.Who has not spent one night sleeping long hours and gets up the next day tired and feeling terrible, but one night we slept a few hours and the next day we woke up fresh and epic? This is because the most important thing is to complete sleep cycles correctly to be better rested.

The secret to getting up without the feeling of waking up tired is just as complete a sleep cycle, so when we woke up we use alarms or suddenly have this feeling that we have not slept at all. Sleep cycles last about 90 minutes, so we must try to calculate when to wake up in múltipplos 90 minutes. is a tool that allows us to calculate these times of very simple, just have to go and enter the time at which they want to wake up and the site will tell you the best time to go to sleep based on sleep cyclesI give 4 possible hours to go to sleep, you will choose which suits them. 

funny - Microsoft releases Project Glass!

Facebook buys Instagram

Facebook announced it has purchased Instagram in a transaction that is valued the Mobile social network by one billion dollars. The purchase was made ​​through a combination of cash and stock from Facebook.

Instagram is a social network of photographs that only works on iPhones and smartphones running Android. Instagram was born on October 6, 2010, initially focused on Startup to compete with Foursquare via a 
HTML5 platform it comes on what they are today after its founders realized that their user mainly used it just to sharing photos.

Instagram started a mini-revolution conniving 
photo vintage look and the social element that lets you share, comment and do "like" on the pictures of those you follow, but only and only through the mobile application. Just a few days ago announced Instagram for Android, greatly increasing the number of people using the service.

Instagram only has 552 days of age, Facebook is paying $ 1.8 million per day of the existence of this network. Considering that they have about 30 million users, the fee is $ 33 per user.

In the official blog of Instagram also announce the news, and comment that the purchase will only bigger, will help improve service and continue to grow the community. Let's hope so.

R.I.P. Jack Tramiel, founder of Comodore.

A legend has left us today at age of 83. Jack Tramiel, a founder of Commodore died. Besides being the founder of the company, participated in the development of computers that were the market leaders for years, pushing on the industry with simpler and cheaper computers glimpsing the possibility of placing a computer in every home.

     "We do computers for the masses, not for the classes."

The programmer was born in Poland in 1928 and lived there until his youth, during World War II was taken to a ghetto and then to Auschwiz concentration camp where he stayed until his liberation in 1945 through the end of the war. In 1947 he emigrated to America where he joined his army, eventually went to work with typewriters in North America and Europe.

Commodore Business Machines was founded in Canada, a company that led to the decade of 80, which sold typewriters, calculators and home computers then. In the following years of his career he was in charge of Atari.

The highlight of his career is undoubtedly the launch of the Commodore 64, a computer that has left a big mark in our youth. It was one of the first computers designed to reach everyone. Successor to the VIC-20 this 8-bit computer was released in 1982 and shortly before the end of the decade was the undisputed leader in the market it created. In the applications that came on tape or diskette was a large catalog of games, graphics applications or tools. had lots of peripherals such as joysticks, modems, mice, etc..

Also acquired the consumer division staff Atari, Atari 2600, Atari Lynx and the latest in the famous video game company, a pioneer in using CD, the familiar Jaguar.

Tramiel knew how to develop a computer that could be adapted to different needs and was able to monitor its development with an aggressive trade policy that managed to push his vision of the role that computers would have on the lives of people

Jack Tramiel will always have a prominent place in the history of computing.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Twitter - how to punish the traitors!!

With TwitterKarma you can easily unfollow the twitter users that not follow you back, and here is how you can do that.
on this image we have 22 infidels.

first, you have to enter on the TwitterKarma official page. and follow these 3 steps

after Whack!'em you can sort them by 'only following' and then you can unfollow the traitors with a simple click.

and that's all, really easy to use and trustful.